Sabbath Services, May 23

Pr. Keith would like to meet with everyone sometime, and now he can since we’re allowed to have 10 people at a time in church. Please respond to him when he gets in touch so he can know who’s going to come, and can then decide whether to do it in one session or two to keep groups at 10 or less.

Looks like I didn’t read the promotional material about We R The Church too well, as it’s this weekend, not last. The South Pacific Division is streaming an entire weekend programme live. Head over to to watch.

Church magazines such as Record, Adventist World, and Change My Life are online and are also available on paper as always, but it’s rather hard to get them to you now. If you want a paper copy, please contact the church leaders and we’ll arrange a way to get them to you. The NNSW Conference News is also available on the conference website.

Sabbath Services

If We R The Church is not working out for you, here’s a Sabbath School and Divine Service programme you can use. Add whatever songs you like.

To give your tithes and offerings, there are several options, since we can’t do it physically for a while. Please consider that the church at all levels will not be able to operate if we don’t continue to send in our tithes and offerings.

Options for giving tithes and offerings

The conference has distributed instructions for the eGiving website and instructions for the eGiving app. Download the iOS app or the Android app

Adult Sabbath School Lesson

Choose one of the lessons here

Hope Sabbath School

Sabbath School Study Hour

Children’s Sabbath School

Primary Sabbath School story

Kindergarten Sabbath School story

Mission Story


Today you can take your pick!

Or go and find your own :-).

Afternoon viewing

Posted Friday, May 22, 2020

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