Happy Sabbath

We hope you’ve survived another week of isolation. Please think (and pray) especially for our members who are in nursing homes and unable to see even close family members.

We also have church magazines such as Record, Adventist World, and Change My Life available as always, but it’s rather hard to get them to you now. If you want a paper copy, please contact the church leaders and we’ll arrange a way to get them to you. The NNSW Conference News is also available on the conference website.

Sabbath Services

Here’s a Sabbath School and Divine Service programme you can use. Add whatever songs you like.

While you’re here, why not head over to the eGiving website to give your tithes and offerings, since we can’t do it physically for a while. Our church has very few expenses that we are able to reduce, so we are relying on you to continue giving your local offerings to keep our bank account in the black.

Sabbath School Lesson

Choose one of the lessons here

Hope Sabbath School

Sabbath School Study Hour

Mission Story


Corona Virus Aftermath

For those looking for a Coronavirus-themed sermon, watch this one by Pr. John Lomacang.

A Greedy Heart

If you’d prefer a sermon that’s not based on Coronavirus, try this one by Pr. Doug Batchelor.

Posted Friday, April 17, 2020

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